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An online degree course could be the boost you need in this current economic climate not seen since The Great Depression. In an increasingly competitive job market, a bachelor’s degree is no longer enough to compete  for the few high paying jobs left, however most  people aren’t able to quit their current job to pursue a Higher Education. This is why an online degree program will be useful and can give you the career boost or raise in pay you are looking for.

An online degree is a great career boost,  because by pursuing an online degree  program you’re already ahead of  the competition. With an online degree from an accredited institution of higher education under your belt, you have more specialized knowledge in your field than most people with an undergraduate degree. In addition to these obvious career benefits, by achieving an Online Degree program You open up opportunities for higher pay and benefits as some companies will pay more to individuals with a Master’s Degree.

Some positions in your chosen field may only be available to those with a graduate degree,  by pursuing an online degree, you become eligible to apply for these jobs.

You can’t break through the glass ceiling if you don’t have the qualifications for an executive position. An executive position may only be available to someone with an MBA.  If you pursue an MBA through an online degree program, you will now be able to apply for these highly competitive positions.

Employees with additional qualifications such as a Master’s Degree are assets to their company  and are usually assured long-term employment and advancement. Their pay and benefits might even include stock options and other compensation not paid to most employees.

Online Degree Programs are geared for working adults

As a full-time working adult, going back to college for Higher Education seems like the last thing you want,  but with several online learning opportunities, there is no reason to be left out. There are several online degree programs for busy professionals and working adults. An extra degree might give your career that extra boost it desperately needs in todays tight job market.

Higher Education is no longer an option but a necessity. Don’t be left out of the best jobs. Be sure to visit our advertisers now to find a Degree in Higher Education now. A better future is just one click away.

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Car Care Tips

Do you ever worry that your student is keeping their car maintained or that one day they are going to call you asking for money because they didn’t change their oil or now have an expensive repair because of it.

For years we have been told to change our oil every 3,000 miles or 3 Months. How many of you do that or can count on your kids to do that if your not their making sure it gets done?

Well fortunately with advances in Synthetic Motor Oils you don’t have to. There are Motors Oils out there that last for One Full Year or 25,000 Miles. Yes, it’s true. They have actually been around since the late 70′s but now with the cost of gas and more efficient engines even the big car companies are putting Synthetic Oil in at the factory.

Most of the Big Oil Companies are starting to tout their synthetics but they still won’t warranty their products for 25,000 miles. Amsoil is a company that has been around for almost 40 years now and has always led the way in Synthetic Motor Oils with extended drain intervals.

Buy putting Amsoil in your College Students car you can feel confident that their cars engine has the best protection available.

It will also save you money. Instead of changing oil every 3 months or 3,000 miles at almost $35 per change or $140 per year. The once a year Amsoil Oil change will cost you less than $100.

For more information about Amsoil and how Amsoil can increase engine life, increase gas mileage and save you money visit their website at

Dorm Room Necessity

Have you ever wondered what a good gift would be for your son, daughter, niece or nephew to use at college and beyond? How about a quality blender. That’s right a blender.

Not just any blender. A quality blender like a Vitamix or Blendtec. The perfect multi use dorm room accessory. Think of all the money your student will save by making healthy meals and smoothies in their room. No more having to spend their hard-earned (or your hard-earned) cash at Jamba Juice or Starbucks.

Maybe if they are enterprising enough they can even make some extra cash selling smoothies or ice coffee drinks to their dorm mates. Many business started out in a college dorm room.

Quality blenders don’t just make Smoothies. They can make soups, sauces and dips better than you can buy in many restaurants. Can they make Mac N Cheese? Maybe not the Mac but they can make the cheese sauce.

Why choose a high dollar blender like the Vitamix or Blendtec? Because they are worth it. They last a long time and come with great warranties. They also have enough power to make Smoothies and blended frozen drinks just like the stores do. It’s like buying a blender with a college degree or even a Masters. It has the pedigree to do the job at hand.

Many of the less expensive blenders only last a few months or a couple of years at most. While that might be a month or two longer than a High School Dropout might keep a job a quality Vitamix can last a lifetime with proper care and a quick and cheap service or should I say a little continuing education once every decade or so.

So now for the age-old question. Vitamix or Blendtec? You would be surprised how many people ask this. Both Blenders are $400 or more. Both do pretty much the same thing. They make smooth creamy liquids out of frozen objects like fruit and ice.

What else do they have in common?

Both have pretty big motors that can get the job done.

Both make great Smoothies, Peanut Butter, Hummus, Soups and Almond, Soy or Rice Milks.

Both are really loud and easy to clean.

Both have at least a 7 year warranty and have extensive websites dedicated to how to use them and recipes galore.

Where do they differ? Looks, size and automation. It’s like Mac vs PC, Ford vs Chevy or for you aeronautical types, Boeing vs Airbus or Cessna vs Piper.

The Vitamix:

The Vitamix is pretty basic and functional. It has a large jar and will not fit on the counter with the jar on the base where you have overhead cabinets. It has Analog knobs and switches. There is a new model with a few preprogrammed settings but that’s as fancy as it gets. Because of that it has less failure points. It just might stay out of the repair shop more often and the web reviews pretty much back that up. Many of the people who have reviewed their Vitamix say they have had it for years and it’s never seen the repair shop or had need of the 7 year warranty. The best warranty is the one you never have to use.

The Blendtec:

It has a smaller jar so it will fit under most counters with overhead cabinets. It has really cool buttons with preset options for different uses like soups or smoothies. Set it and forget it. Sort of. Presets are never perfect unless you always use the perfect combination of ingredients. That’s why it also has buttons that let you do things manually as well. It has a cool LED display as well.

There is also a new model as well that has an inductive touch screen. That’s the kind of screen like your iPhone, glass and when you touch things the virtual buttons light up. How cool is that.

There is one draw back that many web reviews have mentioned about the Blendtec. It has had some issues in the past with the circuit board that controls the programmed cycles. There have also been some issues with the seal between the blade assembly on the jar. It has melted from the intense heat after only a few hundred cycles. This issue is supposed to have been fixed with newer blender jars.

It is my opinion that with anything that uses more switches and circuit boards you have a higher risk of breakdown. That is why I never buy an Apple Product without AppleCare.

So, which one should you choose. Well actually I have both so I would say if you can buy both and be the really cool geeky kid on the block then do it. That way if your cool looking Blendtec is in the shop you have your Vitamix as a standby so you never miss your morning Smoothie or fresh Almond Milk.

If you have to choose then here is how I would decide.

You like the old reliable and do not always need the latest most fashionable gadget. Vitamix, hands down.

You like the coolest, latest thing and don’t mind if every once in a while it needs a repair. You like buttons and lights and always have to have the best looking date at the party. Then the Blendtec is the one for you.

So now the final question since you’re now ready to buy one.

Where should you buy it from? Well if you really liked my article then buy it from one of the links on my page. I do get a piece of the sale and you will be forever in my thoughts. You will also get Free Shipping a $25 Value.

You can also buy one from a big box club store when they have them in stock or on their websites. That is if you are a member.

Either way you will be on your way to giving your college or grad student a gift they will be able to use not only for college and beyond but to help them live a longer healthier life as well drinking all those healthy veggie smoothies.


You can click on the picture of the Vitamix below or call Vitamix Directly Toll Free at 1-800-848-2649 Make sure you mention Offer Code 06-008008 to get your Free Standard Shipping ( A $25 Value) Don’t wait, call or Click Now.

Vitamix Green Smoothie Picture

Apple hits one out of the park, again, with iBooks!

Early this week Apple announced its new iOS application iBooks 2 at The Guggenheim Museum in New York City.

We all know Steve Jobs was a college dropout but what may have been lessor known till after his death was that he was a college drop in. That’s right Steve Jobs went back to class and dropped in on the classes he was interested in, not the classes required to graduate.

While iBooks 2 will make textbooks almost as cheap as music and almost as fun to read I think the real news here is how Apple University will allow you to drop into to many classes like Steve Jobs did, without ever having to spend one minute in class.

What iBooks 2 will allow you to do is get all you need to learn in one place. The iPad. Teachers and Professors will have an application where they can share assignments, book lists and even video all in one place. They will even be able to create their own textbooks using iBooks Author.

iBooks Author is like the iMovie or Garageband of book publishing. While Amazon has the Kindle DX, and while it is meant for textbooks it looks like a tool from the Stone Age compared to what iBooks can do on a iPad.

If publishers don’t keep up with the technology they will go the way of the Newspaper, very few will be left and the ones that are will need to report fiction to attract readers.

This technology is almost as game changing as the internet. I also predict that you will see books on iTunes from individuals and start-ups outpace the apps you find in the App Store. How long will it be before you can hear Captain Underpants fart or a Manual on how to use your new Forklift with live action video.

And the best part if you own Apple stock. People will need an iPad or Mac to make use of this magic.

Apple does truly reside at the corner of Education and Technology. or The Corner of Wall Street and Main Street.